KEEP PUSHING HARDER – Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech

What Is Enough Money And Why Don’t You Have It?

What is ‘enough’? How do you know? When will you have it? Why DON’T you have it? Do you already have enough? Too much? This article will help you define what is ‘enough’.

Live Life Today – Why I Am So Grateful

The reason I am sharing these very personal thoughts is that I have always kept the spiritual side of my life to myself. I am ashamed to say that I feared criticism and ridicule. But today I am revealing to the world my most intimate feelings and beliefs. Today I thanked the Lord my God, for giving me, this day, the certainty that ALL is well in my life, that my dreams and wishes have been granted.

The 15 Laws of Success According To Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill wrote “The Law of Success” in 1928 and revolutionized the way people thought about creating wealth, self-improvement, and achieving goals. This article reviews his 15 Laws of Success, and briefly discusses how you can use these laws to achieve abundance and prosperity in your life.

Creating a Magnetic Attraction For Prosperity

From the very beginning there have always been certain people who seem to have the good life of everything anyone could want, while others can’t get anything; so what is it that actually makes the difference between these two classes of people? It all comes down to the ability to attract prosperity.

Tithing Allows Your Dreams To Come True

In financial circles, it is often said, “You should pay yourself first, and then put that money away for emergencies, or into an investment program.” I believe you should give some of your money away BEFORE you pay yourself!

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