KEEP GRINDING & NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Speech 2021

The One Key to Manifesting Your Reality

You’ve read numerous books on the Law of Attraction. You’ve tried every self-help method available to help you manifest your desires. But yet, you still find yourself failing, each and every time. Why aren’t you succeeding? The number one key to manifesting lies in you subconscious mind!

The EFT Abundance Formula: Four Tips for Taking Control of Your Life

A fulfilling and abundant life – these are the greatest things we desire for ourselves and those we love. The secret to attracting abundance with EFT is taking initiative and allowing the Law of Attraction to work for you. This EFT abundance solution contains the secret.

A New Door Cannot Open – Until an Old One Closes

On the invisible plain of Feng Shui, we cannot move forward in life or open a door to new blessings and opportunities until we clear away the old. The old can be a tragedy, loss, failure, our negative thoughts, fearful feelings, painful perceptions, or simply memories that bind us to the past. The old can also be material gifts such as furniture, mementos, or special letters, cards and emails that we cling to.

Can a Tiny Piece of Gold Attract Bigger Pieces?

GOLD Attracts WEALTH. Here is your secret. Seldom uttered to us by even great entrepreneurs. Perhaps you may have known this. Perhaps not, it does not matter much.

The Law of Attraction: Quotes and Explanation of The Phenomenon

The Law of Attraction is an term that has been around for a while. Before being called The Law of Attraction though, the exact same concepts were circulating under other name. Some authors previously called it the power of the subconscious mind, the Universe (not in a astronomical sense, but rather in a spiritual sense), the power of the Infinite, the power of the Intention, and, of course, God. Here are 5 key elements of The Law of Attraction.

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