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The Secret To Abundance Exposed!

You probably think the secret to getting more money is through hard work and perseverance. Or you might think money comes to those who are deserving or have good luck? My goal is to help you change the way you think about money, so you can attract more money and abundance in your life.

Bet You Never Thought Of It Like This

Oh you might have a couple of more, but am I correct in my assumption? And if none of these suggestions felt good to you, then you probably wouldn’t have any extra money this month.

Yearning For Response Answered

When the weather turns colder, we move two bird feeders from way out on the deck, to the covered porch, and the other to right outside my glass office door. Then we wait. It doesn’t take long.

A Simple Process to Create an Abundant Mindset

Were you raised hearing that “It’s better to give than to receive”? I’ve always found this saying confusing. One, because it is extremely fun to receive. Second, because when you give you always receive something in return. And it’s usually far greater than what you gave in the first place.

Change Your Mind To Attract Money

Money is not “the root of all evil” it is what we all desire to have so why is it evil? Because that’s what we’ve been told all our lives. That’s just one example of what has been implanted in our minds. You change your mind all the time whether you realize it not. How often have you said “I’ve changed my mind”? Now, you can change it to attract money.

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