Joe Rogan’s Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless (MUST WATCH)

For Abundance and Prosperity, Choose REAL Wellness Over Prevention or Moderation in All Things

To REAL wellness enthusiasts, it seems that feeling good would be reason enough to invest time and energy and, if necessary, blood/sweat and even tears to pull it (a positive lifestyle) off. You would think everyone would want to be moving to the right or super healthy side of the above continuum. Alas, not even basic healthy lifestyle patterns seem attractive or sustainable for most people. The price simply seems too great. The sacrifices are judged too great to endure, the barriers to realizing good health are set too high and the requisite exertions must appear too strenuous. In summary, the costs seem too great a price to pay. But all who value mental and physical abundance and prosperity won’t want to accept this situation.

Ten Steps on How to Fast Track and Become a Celebrity

An amused and rather cynical look on how to fast-track and become a celebrity. Or is it?

How To Harness The Energy Of Financial Self-Forgiveness

Many people struggle with being able to forgive themselves. Self-forgiveness can get equated with “letting yourself off the hook” when actually it is quite the opposite. Self-forgiveness is a vital step in becoming financially smitten because self-berating over past financial indiscretions often keeps people stuck and unable to take action towards their financial goals.

Three Things About Money You Must Know Before Making It

Most people were raised with the belief that if you work hard you will be rewarded, especially with money. The reality is quite different.

An Insiders Review of the New Diamond Version of the Millionaire Mind Intensive

Peak Potential’s founder, New York Times Best Selling Author and Multi-Millionaire T Harv Eker has revamped his signature program, the Millionaire Mind Intensive, for the current economy. I am going to give a review of the program to help you decide if this course is worth your time or not and if it can help you. Also, I will give you the insider secret to how to be able to attend this 3-day seminar for free.

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