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Navigating and Mastering Your Wealth Creation

For most of us the first step towards a bright wealthy future is to have control over our life’s navigation system, and to conceive a plan to realize our desired objectives and goals. For the rest of us, life is a melody of unintentional wins, losses and in between, generated by a chaotic mismatch of not knowing where we’re going and how to get there, driven by a misguided faith coupled with the dreadful familiarity factor.

Prayers for Money and Abundance

We’ve all had those times in our lives when everything seems to go wrong. You keep trying to pick yourself back up and yet you keep falling back down. It’s as if everything in your life seems to be conspiring against you. You’re worried about money to pay the bills, your company is threatening a layoff, your car is making strange (and expensive sounding) noises, and one of your parents is sick. You feel like you’re barely coming up for air.

Your Thoughts, Manifesting Your Desires, and the Law of Attraction

What you can conceive, you will achieve! Believe that your desires have only one final destination: your reality.

The Foundation of Change

Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant in life. Be the change you wish to see. We are all intimately familiar with change.

Recognize Your True Wealth

Having just returned from a long journey through Peru and Chile – my first real-life encounter with the harsh realities of developing countries – I am now acutely aware that warm running water in my home is a luxury. Having endured the howling engines and black clouds of exhaust that filled the streets of Lima, I find myself savoring the fresh air of my quiet neighborhood. Having worried about robbers on the dark streets of Chile, I appreciate the peace and safety of my own country like never before.

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