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The energy that breaths you, that animates your body, is what distinguishes life from death. Are there energy centers throughout your body; it is optimal for your energy to flow freely. When energy gets blocked it leads to dis-ease. Energy gets blocked through stress, stuffed emotions, negative self talk and unexpressed life lessons…

It’s Time to Let Go of Wanting to Change the Past

Changing how we feel about the past can only occur if we begin taking responsibility for what we were holding in mind. The good news is we can change how we feel about any situation. Instead of struggling to change the past, a better way to move forward is to begin directing our attention on having positive and successful outcomes.

5 Steps to Manifesting Abundance

Many of us would give away almost anything to learn how to manifesting abundance. Sticking to this fact, most of the people visualize monetary comfort with abundance. But even this truth of life cannot be ignored that it takes going that extra mile to ‘mint’ cash.

Getting More of What You Want – Part 02 – Knowing What You Want

This is Part 2 of a series of articles to teach you how easy it is to get more of what you want in your life. Most people – knowingly or unknowingly – do things that sabotage their success. Once you know what these things are – you can change them!

The Law of Attraction and Aversion Therapy

We use The Law of Attraction to draw to us what we want. But there’s another method that we can use to propel us even faster toward our desires: Aversion Therapy. Learn about using it with The Law of Attraction to manifest what you want even faster.

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