Identifying the Root of Your Money Story

So, why are you holding yourself back and hiding behind not having enough money as the reason? Although the reasons are varied, here are the 4 common reasons that I have uncovered in working with souls over the years.

Is The Law Of Attraction The Only Real Law Or Is There More To It That You Need To Know?

As explained in the documentary The Secret, the law of attraction is a law that governs the universe and that once you apply it and put it into practice it will bring into your life all the things you wish, in fact this law is so powerful that it has done miracles for some, but the question remains, is the law of attraction a real universal law or is it just a metaphor used to explain a more fundamental principal?

The Changing World

The world is discovering the value of a harmonious world. The simplicity of intentionally making the world a better place for everyone, has gained major momentum. As the old adages and ideas are beginning to dissipate, it becomes clear that to live with harmony is to really live. Everyone in the world is impacted in one way or another by this transformation. Let’s help it gain momentum.

How To Be Successful In Business (The Biggest Secret In Business)

It is possible to achieve significant success in your business if you provide one thing to your customers or clients. By providing this one secret element in your business, you can literally transform it and create a relationship with your clients that makes them want to buy from you without you having to sell to them.

Money Is Only an Idea

A factual piece on why paper money is an idea, and how it came to be as devalued as it is today. Having accepted this concept, the author asks you to think about yourself in a new light when it comes to taking your first steps on your journey to wealth.

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