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The Power of the Law of Attraction Working in My Life

A recent email I received reminded me of a situation I had been in when I first experienced the power of the Law of Attraction working in my life. My wife, who had been working part-time, was offered a full time position and although the money wasn’t what we were used to, it seemed the perfect opportunity for me to take some time out and in-between looking after our twin daughters I could concentrate on writing my first book.

Hide and Surprise, A Budgeting Tip For Tough Times

Having difficulty making ends meet? Running out of money before your paychecks hit the bank? Need a tip you can put to use today to get your finances under control? Here’s a great strategy that’s simple, virtually painless and results in a pleasant surprise, every time.

The Up-Side of a Recession

Its all about how we look at things. Its an ill wind that blows nobody any good ‘they’ say. Well, its up to you to be that ‘nobody’. Do not let life happen to you. Go out there and happen to it!

Are You In Your Own Way?

When you allow yourself to see new possibilities, new worlds open up. We humans are held by our own negative affirmations in a very limited area of our minds. Most people’s reality in terms of achieving their dreams if that they ‘can’t’ for some reason or another.

The Law of Attraction: Limiting Beliefs Are Harmful

Limiting beliefs are negative beliefs that are either conscious or unconscious. These negative beliefs are harmful because they hinder you from having or becoming what you want.

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