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To Become a Millionaire, You Must Learn to Act Like One

Millionaires are not different than non-millionaires except in one way, they way they act. If you can start to act like a millionaire it will help you become one if you just learn and implement two simple concepts.

Law Of Attraction: Letting Go Of The Excess Baggage

Many people who have heard of the law of attraction are very much interested to use it to manifest their wants, be it a better job, a nice house, a loving partner or perhaps for want of more money. However, before you get started to set up this law to work in your favor, you will have to conduct some housekeeping. Nope, it is not about cleaning your home, though having a clean home would indeed enhance the flow of positivity in you. It is actually a housekeeping you do on yourself in order to clear your thoughts and emotions that may limit you from successfully attracting whatever you want.

Create Your Prosperity Action Plan

Speaking on the topics of Abundance and Prosperity, let’s go back to the basics. Prosperity, according to the dictionary refers to a ‘condition of enjoying wealth, success, or good fortune’. We have talked about the dichotomy of money and we addressed how to think in terms of abundance.

Law of Attraction – How to Control Your Thoughts to Gain Abundance

Remember the hype created by the movie “Secret” which gave rise to the controversial principles of the Law of Attraction? Well, for starters it definitely changed a lot of people’s mindsets regarding life and how it is supposed to be lived. A lot of people lived by these principles hoping to make their lives better.

What Is Your Weakness?

I heard something the other day that made a lot of sense to me about the word weak. I would like to share this with all of you. The meaning of the word weak is just lacking strength. Here are 4 target points to the word weak.

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