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What Do People Really Want? The Surprising Answer!

Have you ever asked someone, “If you could have anything in life, what would you ask for?” You really might be surprised at the answer some people give. Think long and hard when asking yourself this question, you may be amazed at your own answer.

Five Reasons Why You Should Become a Millionaire and How to Get There

There is more to becoming a millionaire than just having the money. It involves change and a new way of thinking. You should become a millionaire to secure your financial independence, boost the economy, teach others to become a millionaire and because of the person you will become in getting there.

Some Thoughts on Prosperity For a World Often Focused on Problems, Suffering & What it Doesn’t Want

This article is going to be slightly different. Its more like an affirmation, and a significant amount of feeling-changing, eye-opening words. Rest assured, it will be of extreme benefit to whoever reads.

Get Things in Balance

I have been working lately on a few ways to explain and advise about what it is that creates a more relaxed and prosperous life. For many years I have accepted that a relaxed state is essential to enjoy all that is going on around you, including family, work, money, entertainment etc.

What Do People Really Want About Money?

People want money not because of its value. Yes, it is not the value and you are reading me right.

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