I CAN DO IT – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

The Secret Movie – What Is the Important Lesson Here?

The Secret Movie – I believe most of you have watched this phenomenally successful motivational movie. The “Secret” movie talks about The Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like”. If you have grasped the essence of this law, I wish to congratulate you that you have now learned a “short cut” in manifesting what you want using this law!

Attract Abundance – Abundance Comes From Hard Work

If you want to attract abundance then you have to be willing to work for it. In the secular world there are all types of ideas on how to get money simply by wishing for it and picturing it 24/7. While this might sound amazing to someone who is helpless in life reality lives by another set of rules and it doesn’t care about fantasies

Seek Ye First – The Key to Blessing and Abundance

If you are troubled or unsure, learn to seek God first. God always has a better plan than your mind can conceive. As you spend quality time with Him, you will find that ‘all these things’ – every answer you need – will be added unto you.

Short Term Memory Loss and the Perils of Everyone Gets a Trophy

We are no longer a nation of aspiration with a desire for great achievement; rather, we have become a nation of envy. In our desire to avoid making children (and adults) feel bad about themselves, we diminish and minimize those with great talents. We try to level the playing field and make everyone feel they have a commensurate talent and potential in all areas. This is the great lie that ultimately harms all of our children…and eventually all of us as adults…Now we have politicians telling us that anyone who has become successful financially should be demonized and vilified.

How to Attract Wealth by Altering Your Invisible Field?

If you are looking to attract wealth and abundance, it’s time to learn how to attract wealth with this 5-step wealth attraction formula. Find out the missing link in the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires.

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