How You Should Be Conducting Yourself During A Sale

Getting Rich Fast

Why is talking about getting rich such a taboo subject. Well I want to kick it up notches, lets talk about not only getting rich but getting rich fast. Yep getting rich fast is not some pipe dream, fantasy or sin against God.

Bible Prosperity

God wants you to prosper. Now there was a time – not long ago – when generally speaking bible prosperity wasn’t popular among Christians. There was something more religious and seemingly spiritual about being poor and lacking personal possessions.

One of My Most Powerful “Aha” Moments – My Midterm

The assignment I took on was the completion of a home improvement project – installing a pull-down attic door. I am not a handy man with carpentry and mechanics. I had started this project in November 2010 with high hopes of just following the written directions and thus successfully installing this door. Unfortunately, I quickly got in over my head and realized I could not finish the installation by myself in spite of my ability to follow the instructions. I needed help from someone who knew more about the subject than I did. Hence, the mid-term assignment I gave myself was to attract someone who would help me finish installing this door, or better yet, do it for me. I made this the focus of my effort for several days and when no one appeared, I returned my focus on making a living and that meant making money. I considered thinking of a different, perhaps less “difficult” assignment, but I felt like that might be cheating, or least “selling myself short”. So I refused to lower the bar.

One of My Greatest Challenges

I once read a quote from someone, I don’t remember whom, that went like this: “We can never achieve excellence as long as there remains a gap between our knowing and our doing.” I believe it was James who wrote, “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22-23). In other words, for our goals and dreams to flow or manifest into physical existence we must ultimately be action takers, or we are just kidding ourselves in the end. How many times do we hear from the great teachers that we must write down our goals? – An action. How many times do we hear that we must review these goals regularly to condition our minds to the point where they are creating the solutions and “mindset” required to achieve our goals and dreams? – Another action. And how many times do we actually get ideas and suggestions manifested to our minds that require an action that die right there in our minds? These are classic examples of what so many of us know, but fail to do.

Law of Cause and Effect

Man-made laws are made up by people to elicit desired behaviors from others. Because they are capricious in nature, they may or may not be enforceable or enforced. When man-made laws conflict with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, then there will be observed the so-called “unintended consequences” that man uses to describe the natural results that grow out of the conflict between the man-made law and God’s Law.

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