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Thanksgiving 2011 – Being Grateful for What We Have

If we have a roof over our head, food on our table, and clothes on our back, we have it better than 75% of the planet. So why would we complain that our house is not enough? Perhaps if we expressed some sincere gratitude for what we do have in the way of shelter, we might begin to experience a major improvement in our circumstances.

Abundance – It’s All Around You

The definition of abundance is a very large quantity of something; fullness to overflowing. Many times, when we hear the word abundance, our first thought is money, wealth. Abundance is in every area of our lives and is not limited just to money. Are you “tuned in” to see the abundance that is all around you? Simply shifting your focus to be in a state of awareness allows you to acknowledge and receive the abundance that is in your life, right now, today.

Abortion: The Death of God’s Seed

People have strong views about a woman aborting her baby. But, did you know that it is more offensive to God when Christians take the seed of his word and then abort it? God’s word never fails. If it fails to come to pass in our lives; it’s because we have failed to believe God and his way of doing things.

Forgiveness: The Seed of Greatest Value

In this life we have many chances to become offended. Forgiveness provides a way for us to be healed; and if we give our offenses; our pains and our hurts to God in the form of a seed, this allows us to sow in tears and reap a harvest of joy in our future.

Eight Things That Will Destroy Your Harvest

God’s word will not produce a harvest if it’s sown in the ground of an evil heart. Even if seedlings begin to grow, thorns, thistles and weeds will choke the word before it becomes fruitful. If you are not receiving answers to your prayers, that could be an indication that your seeds have been choked or uprooted.

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