How To Think Like A Billionaire (MUST WATCH)

Light Up Others’ Lives to Open Yourself to Abundance

The past few weeks I have found myself meditating on a TV commercial. Sounds crazy, I know. But sometimes truth sneaks up on us from surprising places. My mind keeps returning to the words of the ad. Not because of what it says about its products, but what it says about life.

Do You Want What You Think You Should Want?

In Michael Samuels’s small book, Just Ask the Universe, he talks about writing down your heart’s desires, and then reviewing what you have written, confident that the universe is working in your behalf. The problem is, sometimes we don’t really know our hearts desires. We may want to attract more money, even a specific amount. But all our lives we’ve also been told to write down our life’s plan, and our goals. And after you get a little older, those lists all start to look the same.

Attract Money With The Law of Attraction!

“The Secret” was just a shallow introduction to the deeper concept of the law of attraction. It’s not simply thinking positively, imagining dream homes and vacations, valuables and money and then suddenly having everything fall out of the sky. This is not the case anyway!

Life And Its Unexpected Emergencies

Why put unexpected emergencies in the abundance and prosperity categories? I will take the rest of this article to explain that. I look at emergencies as blessings in disguise. A disguise that is so good, that you cannot tell that they are really mostly opportunity.

Poverty or Wealth? Which Would You Choose?

If someone handed you a platter and on it you could choose either poverty or wealth, which would you choose? Poverty or wealth isn’t just limited to material things. Discover three tips on how to avoid having a poverty mindset.

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