How to Make The Next 100 Days The Best of Your Life

Ducks All in a Row

Emergencies trigger what we might call miracles. The natural law that promotes these seemingly superhuman events is the Natural Law of Surrender. In California’s San Quentin prison during one of Doug Hooper’s classes, a student was in a fix. He had incurred gambling debts, badly needed money and if he didn’t pay out within a week, he’d take a bath-not a comfortable predicament to be in prison.

Why You Need to Stop Lying – Trust Is Key to Personal Development

When people think of lying they usually look at it from the single perspective of a person lying to someone else. Although this is the most discussed form of lying, it is neither the most common or most dangerous. If you truly want to grow and develop as a person you must also be cognizant of and be sure to avoid the other forms of lying: to yourself and to spirit/universe/God.

Are You Worried About Money?

Are you worried about money? Is all the talk about the bad economy causing concern? Do you believe that the state of the economy directly affects your income? So many of us were raised with the, “work hard for your money” belief system.

Time Management Techniques – How to Schedule Your Time Better

If you really want to have abundance and prosperity in your life, you have to have control over how you use your time. Time management is one of the fundamental keys to being successful and having all that you desire. if you learn to schedule your time correctly, you will spending the time on the things that matter most to your success, instead of getting caught up in the smaller less important tasks.

How to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires

Welcome Dear Friend to my world of manifestation. Have you ever wondered how to manifest your very own desires with ease? Have you read about the Law of Attraction and do you truly believe in it?

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