How to Make 2021 Different

The Cool New Manifesting Thing – Try It!

We all are always manifesting, every single day – and we always have been. We created ourselves into this life. We create our lives. We’ve created what is inside and outside of our lives (but really there is no “outside”). So what is the key to this new way of manifesting?…

YING and YANG LIVING Wisdom and Wellness: Changing Your Mind, Changing the World

When you are able to change your thoughts and subsequently your mind, then you are able to change yourself. When you change yourself, you change other people, and you ultimately change the world.

Are You A Manifesting Magnet?

Are you asking yourself the right questions? My question for you this week is: “are you a powerful manifesting magnet?” Just stop and answer the question before reading on… So, how did you read that sentence and interpret it? As a positive, powerful, manifesting magnet for all your amazing goals and dreams you aspire to in your life; or as a negative, powerful, manifesting magnet attracting all the hardship, lessons and results that you don’t want- the debt, anger, pain, jealousy, retrenchment, divorce etc?

The Power of Choice and What You Choose

What we choose not only influences us in the moment, but beyond it. How well or often do you practice the power of choice?

Discovering Your Authentic Journey Now

You were created an original. There will never be a need to compete with anyone else. Your Creator has designed you for a specific assignment. Your gift is given to serve humanity and your were wired for the job. The seed of greatness is within you and your only goal daily is how be become a better “you”.

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