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Thank You Letter – A Thank You To Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the best authors in the genre of success and inspirational texts. As I was especially moved by his book, “Maximum Achievement”, through this thank you letter I would like to express my gratitude to him.

Thank You Letter – Thanks For Thinking Big David J Schwartz

We’ve all heard that positive thinking plays a key role in the success of an endeavor that we wish to achieve. David Schwartz, however, asserted that it’s not just the manner in which we think but the size. I would like to extend my thanks to him for providing me with such an effective idea and new approach to attaining my goals.

Thank You Letter – My Thanks To Napoleon Hill

It isn’t just the message that an author shares with his or her readers through a book that causes the greatest impact but the passion that the author has for the subject matter. It is this that will pull the emotions of any individual that reads the work. Napoleon Hill is one such author that I would like to say thank you to for deeply moving and affecting me.

Thank You Letter – A Thank You To Rhonda Byrne For Sharing the Secret

The book, “The Secret” was a huge success that influenced and affected readers all over the world. For this reason, its author, Rhonda Byrnes deserves all the thanks for penning such an inspirational message. I shall start through this letter of gratitude.

What Is Your Inner Approach Towards True Wealth and Abundance?

Attaining true wealth and abundance is not something that you have to do externally in order to be over-flowing with money. It is what you do on the inside that dictates whether or not you will have true wealth and abundance.

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