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How to Retrain Your Subconscious Mind and Think the Way You Want

First of all, I would like to give you a little education on how your brain works. The brain has two phases; the conscious, and the subconscious. The conscious is what you use for rational thinking, analysis, and general observation; but the subconscious mind is an accumulation of all your beliefs. The subconscious mind is where you have your habits and perceptions on anything you observe.

Law Of Attraction: Where Does God Fit In?

Our life is a gift from God. Just as he intended, we have the power to think and a free will to design our life as we wish. Whether we believe in the law of attraction or otherwise, it will continue to exist as long as the Bible plays a vital role in our life. God is with us always through the Bible and the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction: Repel The Negative Attract The Positive

Experiencing these negative thoughts from time to time is normal. But getting too engrossed or carried away with them can result in a build-up of negative emotions. Combining negative thoughts and emotions, we generate negative energies that become a magnet, attracting all the dreaded things into our life. So how do we deal with these negative feelings?

How To Generate the Power of Trust For Prosperity and Love

Attempts to reconcile your head with your inner self, your feelings, and your memories, will be one of your greatest challenges, no doubt. The truth is, that your desire to forgive and to trust wholeheartedly is a desire worth listening to. It is your Soul’s desire.

Why The Law of Attraction Might Bring You What You Don’t Want

Many eager people get excited about the Law of Attraction and busily get busy creating what they want But often something goes wrong! They are aghast at their results. They receive all kinds of circumstances that they don’t want. “I didn’t ask for THAT!” they declare.

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