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It’s Not Everything, But It’s OK To Want Wealth

Originally, I was planning on naming this article, “It’s Okay To Want Wealth, But It’s Not Everything.” Then I realized I had it backwards. People no longer need to be told that wealth, or money in particular, isn’t everything.

Creating Abundance With the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Abundance is not a struggle. It ought to be our normal experience of life. The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool at our disposal for manifesting more abundance in our experience and, if used well, we can completely transform our experience.

Can You See Yourself Living the Life Of Your Dreams?

Do you wake up frustrated, feeling lonely and depressed because your life doesn’t look like what you thought it would? If you’re not currently satisfied with your life, I have good news. Don’t wait another day to change your life. You can move from a mundane, boring, unfulfilling life to the purposeful, passionate, exciting life of your dreams. This article will show you how to begin walking in abundance today!

Secret Number 1 to Raising Your Money, Wealth and Prosperity Consciousness

So much is shared on this topic because it remains an enigma and a holy grail at the same time. This is article #1 in a series where I reveal to you 10 secrets to raising your money and wealth consciousness. Whatever your wealth, money or even prosperity there is always more… that’s how life is, right?

Money on My Mind

Someone once said that you can see what’s in a person’s heart by the way they handle their finances. If you analyze this keeping in mind that your life is the result of your thoughts, then it’s a scary statement. At the same time, though, it puts the ball back in your court both to assign responsibility where it’s rightfully due as well as to empower you to make changes.

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