Guard Your Mind | Bob Proctor Masterclass Exclusive Preview

Sovereign or Slave? Your Business Is a Reflection

It is time to stop being a slave and imprisoned by your failure to live your vision. To be liberated and connected to the higher frequency of your soul, you simply have to do three things.

The Four Elements Of A Rewarding Life

There are 4 necessary components to achieve a great life that is filled with fulfillment and reward. These components have been addressed in writings by many great PMA professionals in the past 50 years. When these qualities are not present in people’s lives, they often find themselves stuck in a rut in life. These components are recognized as the prime keys to a fuller and richer life.

The Secret Laws to Attracting Money

The secret laws to attracting money reside in the depths of your own unconscious mind. Root out your negative conditioning and you can change your life.

Can the Bible Make You Rich? Some Say Yes – Loudly!

You may have heard about it. It’s called The Prosperity Gospel. And it has caused quite a controversy within traditional Christian ranks. One of its greatest evangelical proponents is Joel Osteen, pastor of the mega Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. His sermons appear to come directly from the Bible but his detractors insist that he’s misinterpreting the Scriptures at best and misleading his flock at worst.

Imagine Abundance

A curious aspect of the human condition is how we are much better at understanding scarcity than abundance.  Our minds naturally gravitate toward what we do not have, instead of noticing what we possess.

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