Getting Rich Is EASY (If You Do This…)

The Law of Relativity – How I Came to Understand It One Christmas

As I was growing up and until I reached the age of about ten, I did not realize my parents were “poor”. Again, like cold or hot, “poor” is a relative state of being. I sort of knew, or sensed rather, that my parents did not have a lot of money, compared to the parents of my friends. But I had no doubt about it when I overheard my mom and dad talking about the lack of money late one night while I was supposed to be sleeping.

Hold On to Your Dreams and Never Give Up

When I enrolled as a freshman in college the fall of 1977, I majored in music and dance. I had two dance classes including auditioning for and getting a spot on the college ballroom dance team. I also auditioned for and won a position in the college symphony orchestra and a school rock band that played frequently at school dances on the weekends. If that were not enough, I took piano classes as well. I loved it! When I graduated, I was going to become a performer, the next Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.

How To Manifest The Good Things You Desire In Life

The art of manifestation can be used for materializing almost anything into one’s life. It can relate to the internal aspects of a person’s being such as physical, mental and emotional health or external aspects such as material wealth and success in life.

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes To Succeed?

Are you an Entrepreneur who is just starting a business online or have you been struggling for awhile? Do you have any ideas on how to actually become successful at internet marketing?

Life Is a Journey, How Can We Enjoy the Ride?

I am sure you have heard the cliche “Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride”, bandied about, by people around you all the time. These same people then tell you that they are not enjoying their lives, but when they get the new promotion, their kids go off to varsity or they start to earn a certain amount of money, then things will change, then they will be happy and start to enjoy their lives. The time to be happy is from this moment forward and the time to be enjoying every step of the journey toward living the vision you have created in your mind, is right now.

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