Focus on Yourself NOT OTHERS – Best Motivational Video

What Is Your Own Definition of Success?

Complete power over myself is my definition of success. Yes, if you have mastered yourself, you have mastered everything including every other being with consciousness in a sense. Because you understand, you do genuinely understand how to operate in a universal way toward successful conclusions.

Motivation Contributes to Abundance

Is there something that can be considered the prime motivator for the law of abundance? Since there are so many different people throughout the world seeking abundance, you could say it would be difficult to narrow down a single motivator. Of course, there will be those that point to wealth as what is sought. In many ways, wealth it what they seek but it also may not be the true motivating principle. They may be seeking wealth because it has something to offer them from a peripheral level. In other words, the wealth provides the conduit to what it is they truly want.

The Law of Attraction – You Live Positively When You Think Positively

Like attracts like – this is how the Law of Attraction operates. In the reality we are living in, it is quite obvious that people of the same interests attract each other. Whatever we give our focus and energy to, the Law of Attraction states that we attract it.

Attracting Abundance With Cosmic Ordering

People who are interested in mind power could have heard about cosmic ordering many times. Cosmic ordering is all about the connection between people. It is a human nature that we have many desires, and in this process of cosmic ordering we first should understand our deepest desire. Then visualize our desire with very an open mind. The next step is to let go and hand it over to the cosmic universe. The cosmic universe will then fulfill our desire since this is what we earnestly want.

Power To Enjoy Your Money

Many people today are doing all they can to make as much money as they can even at the expense of their health, and this is affecting how they use and enjoy the money they earn. Many rich people have the money but they do not have the time to really enjoy the money as they should. Can you imagine someone, an executive of a big company who spends most of his time planning, attending board meetings, supervising the work and having practically no time to spend with friends and family or to do recreational activities that will help him to live even longer.

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