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The Real Reason That Most NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Fail

There must be some people that each year successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year, but famously the vast majority do not. New Year’s resolutions are as easy as running a long way up a steep hill, rowing upstream in a fast flowing river or holding the tide back; why are they so hard to achieve?

Gratitude: The Magic Formula for Changing Your Life

The power of the mind is a wonderful thing. By shifting our attention from what we don’t like to what we do and practicing gratitude in our everyday lives, we take control over how we feel and in what direction our lives will develop. By making a small effort to develop this new habit, we can reap big benefits in a short amount of time.

Angels Will Help You Prosper

God has angels on standby to help you prosper in your home life as well as your professional life. God intends that your life be filled with His spiritual help.

Thought Is the Trigger – Let the How Be the Wow

How does thought create outcomes from the perspective of the law of attraction? What is God’s role in the law of attraction? How can we reconcile the power of God Source with our role as the creators of our own reality?

Selling and Self-Image

What does your sales manager tell you when you are not making any money? MAKE MORE CALLS! What else does he tell you? STAY POSITIVE! Maybe that helped once upon a time, but that sort of formulaic advice no longer works. Why? Read on…

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