FOCUS ON YOU EVERY DAY – Best Motivational Speech 2021

Abundance Tips and Affirmations

People often buy ABUNDANCE affirmations by the dozen, like if that alone was going to download a million bucks in their bank accounts. Buy them first, then charge them with high vibration and intentional force; don’t put them under the pillow. That won’t work.

Play YOUR Game to Achieve Your BEST Life Possible

The happiest and most productive people are those who are playing their game daily. You can do this, too. The key is finding where your talents lie and what you like to do, and doing that daily. Here are the steps to help you make that happen.

Cooperation Is the Key to Success in These Times

Cooperation is imperative to reach the level of success we are now striving for. We can circumvent the need for financial resources and become successful by sharing skills and helping each other realize our goals. The first step is cooperation in consciousness–the real cause of reality.

Is The Secret Real or Not?

The Secret has been an incredible phenomenon – 19 million books of The Secret have been sold.The trouble is of all the people who have read the book and seen the movie how many are now rich beyond their wildest dreams, doing their dream job, or cured of terminal cancer? Not many I would surmise. So is it a scam or is it real?

Law of Attraction – Keeping Your Focus on Your Desires

Why is it that it seems so difficult to maintain our focus on the things we want. We have no trouble obsessing over the things we don’t want, so it shouldn’t be too hard to stay focused on the things we do want.

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