FOCUS ON YOU (Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech for 2021)

3 Simple Steps To Help Reach Your Dreams

Are you an Online Entrepreneur trying to work your online business from the comfort of your own home? Well then, you know you have to become very disciplined in order to get things done in order to reach your dreams.

Do You Deserve To Be Happy and Successful?

Do you think happiness has anything to do with becoming successful? Are you a happy person? Do you believe you can create your own happiness?

2012: Manifesting the Divine

2012 is going to be quite powerful and you will definitely be on the transformational ride of a lifetime! Here are some simple steps to stepping out in a big way.

Personal Development Strategies – Ways to Develop Spiritual Character That Lead to the Abundant Life

Although it may not be a popular direction in some segments of today’s society, placing God first in our life is absolutely essential to the development of our spiritual character, and also, spiritual growth is the first and most important element in our search for abundant living. We cannot ignore spiritual development and live a truly abundant life.

The Miracle Is in the Obstacle

To reach the miracle, you have to go THROUGH the obstacle. If the obstacle magically disappeared, which is most often what we hope for, so would the miracle. You can move through the obstacle and find the miracle you so want by creating a change in your perception.

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