Exploring the Wim Hof Method With the Iceman Himself! | Wim Hof Interview | #ModelTheMasters

Why Do Some People Seem Luckier Than Others?

Are some people really luckier than others? To help us decide, let’s take a look at the lives of two women, Michelle and Kelly…

New Years Resolutions, The Law of Attraction and Your Subconscious Mind

At this time of year, many people are looking at the year ahead in the hopes of making some positive changes in their lives. More people are trying to tap into the popularized Law of Attraction. Do these new techniques rival the tried, tested and typically futile lists of promises and 2-week attempts to keep to them or is it just a more metaphysical, ‘woo-woo’ lesson in the School of Disappointment?

Electric Butterflies – The Excitement of Success

Electric butterflies tickle your spine, make you smile and let you know that success is just around the corner. When you feel this in your body, you know that something amazing is on the way.

The Law Of Attraction Will Make You Rich

Are you familiar with the saying ‘You get what you think about most of the time’. Basically it means whatever you focus your attention on the most, is what you will get. Or to put it another way, what ever you think about is what is likely to happen. It doesn’t matter what the situation is or what the environment surrounding you contains. It’s known as the law of attraction.

Goal Achievement – Be, Do, Have

Many people feel frustrated at times when working toward their goals. The feel like they have done the right things in achieving their goals: they have written them down, they use a daily planner to manage their time, and they are working hard. Yet they fail to achieve their goals…

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