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Hooked on Money

Why does money always seem to be an issue for you? It’s an issue for MOST people. There is a general belief that there will not be enough or you will lose what you have. Focus on shifting your perspective with money on a daily basis.

8 Success Strategies That Would Make You An Accomplished Person

Success is achievable for everyone so long you aspire to move ahead in life and acquire things you have in mind. In order to succeed, there are keys you need to apply and unlock the door that would lead you out of failure and obscurity into fame and prosperity.

The Secret to The Secret – Building Parking Mojo

Don’t get me wrong I really liked the movie “The Secret” I think it did wonders to bring this subject to the main stream media, although its principals can be traced down to the cradle of human existence. However there are a few key elements that were left out, and those missing elements are responsible for a lot of confusion, frustration and disappointment. The basic premise of The Secret is that we are the creators of our own reality, and as such we can change the present circumstances of…

What Do Wealthy People Do?

Wealthy People takes certain steps to assure success. The first step that wealthy people take is to generate multiple streams of income. This is imperative in today’s economy with lay offs and a tumbling stock market.

When Money Can’t Buy Us Happiness and Love, What Can?

Money is not the source of our happiness or fulfillment. Social conditioning and personal misconceptions make us believe that a lot of hard work or money will bring is the happiness we want in live. True happiness comes from within us, the totality of us.

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