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Using Money As A Spiritual Practice

Meditation is a traditional spiritual practice, as are prayer, fasting, quiet retreats, silence, giving service to others, chanting, various forms of yoga, etc. Money and activities surrounding money, on the other hand, are usually considered an external force. Because money is a powerful force that you deal with on a daily basis, it can be the cornerstone of a deep spiritual practice.

Changing Scarcity Into Abundance

Just one of the top ten things you can do to insure your prosperity is being positive. It’s a known fact that optimists live longer and do better than pessimists. Practice seeing the positive side of everything. Become aware of any fears you may have about trusting in a positive outcome.

How to Achieve Your Dreams

Many of us have dreams and no idea how to make them happen. Where do you begin, how do you start? The Science of Getting Rich offers insight into how to begin no matter what the dream.

Set Life Goals And Face Your Fear = Success

Success is something we all aspire to, we all want, and yet is an elusive endeavor. Starting out for success can be difficult especially if you have not defined success in your own terms. It is a subjective topic. You cannot compare your state of success to other people as you cannot compare your misfortunes to them.

Qualities You Need in Facing Your Fear

Our life is bound by so many things. There are a lot of considerations and roles we have to play. At some point we all have to be somebody and “someone to someone.” We need to be a father or mother while being a son or daughter, a student or a teacher, a friend and a brother, sometimes we all have to be all these at the same time.

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