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Wait For It Faith

Have you ever looked at a Magic Eye painting or picture? Del and I have a Magic Eye book that we look at as one way to practice the habit of shifting perception. When you look at a Magic Eye picture for the first time it looks like a perfectly normal picture.

Friendship and Prosperity, How One Critically Influences the Other

If you talk to many personal development teachers they all talk about the influence of others. The people around you influence you tremendously, those 6 or 7 people, are what we call your Sacred Circle. This sacred group can either influence you for the better or they can have negative consequences for you. I would like for you to take a close look at who are these people in your life, and whether or not they are helping you on your road to living a prosperous life!

Laws of the Universe – How to Achieve Success by the Law of Attraction

As one of the popular Laws of the Universe, the law of attraction has become a very interesting and popular topic among many people. With this powerful law, you can create your own future by your mind power and the process of attraction. Hence, it is necessary to be positive and focus on what you really do want in life.

Does Thinking Positively Make a Difference?

If you have been feeling down, there is a good reason why it is happening. It could be that you are going through a tough time in your life, or it could be that you are depressed. Depression is something that strikes many people, though they rarely understand that they have a medical condition.

Creativity and Manifesting Abundance

Learn the role that creativity plays in attracting abundance. These methods are proven and are used by the richest people on earth.

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