DISCIPLINE YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

Scarcity Vs Abundance

An introduction to the psycho-spiritual principles of abundance and scarcity. Exploring the relationship between jealousy and scarcity consciousness, and the fundamental shifts in thinking that can open you to a more generous and confident state of being.

Discover The Secret to Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness

The way to become a magnet to money or a magnet to anything you desire – health, wealth, prosperity or happiness -is to learn how to place your energy, your frequency, your vibration in a place where you are attracting the things that you desire, instead of the things that you don’t want. Something that you can do on a regular basis to really help you to get into that place where you are naturally beginning to attract the things that make your heart sing is to show GRATITUDE.

Self-Sufficiency – In This World Economic Situation, Why Aren’t We All Doing It?

Self-sufficiency refers to the state of not requiring any outside aid, support, or interaction, for survival. In the last few years it has become something of a green issue. In many ways it has managed to get an image of being the type of thing that only “tree hugger’s” do. In the current world economy, I think it is time for that to change!

How To Live A Fulfilled Life – By Making Online Income

Do you ever wish you could free yourself from the drudgery of working for money? Would you like to live a life filled with abundance and prosperity? This article discusses the benefits of creating small, extra income streams and more importantly, how this can be created by nearly anyone. If you would like to live a fulfilled life, here is one way of achieving your dreams.

Use the Law of Attraction As Your Own Personal Money Magnet

Using the Law of Attraction as your own personal money magnet is easy when you know one of the best kept “secrets” of the Law of Attraction, which is “energetic magnetism.” In fact, the terms “Law of Attraction” and “energetic magnetism” could be used interchangeably since they are essentially the same. This article explains the top two tricks that most people miss when it comes to making the Law of Attraction work for money.

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