DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND – Best Motivational Video for 2021

Manifesting Desires – How to Make an Effective Vision Board

Learn about the effectiveness of vision boards in manifesting your desires. Also provided are steps in making one.

Personal Power Is in Your Decisions

Your decisions are what create the standards and states in your life. Decision making is the power behind desire and drive.

What Exists In Abundance?

Let’s try something. Stand up (or at least sit up straight) and take a DEEP breath. As you breathe in so deeply it begins to hurt, allow your chest and stomach to protrude outward. Take in every last breath you can possibly fit. Hold it for 15 seconds to really extract all of the oxygen and then exhale slowly for 7 or 8 seconds.

3 Key Relationships For More Abundance

It took me awhile to figure this out. Abundance is a reflection of the love you flow in your life. The more love you feel, the more abundant riches of all kinds manifest. It’s a beautiful relationship – you flow love, and abundance flows back to you.

Manifesting Your Vision

They had a vision. They were clear in what they wanted. Instead of wishful thinking, they acted on them. They provided proof to the saying, “Find what you love to do for a living and the money will follow”.

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