DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

How to Attract Money Into Your Life and Improve Your Self-Esteem

Factors that contribute to self-esteem problems are directly associated with wealth, career, relationships and social standing. During my research, one of the most prominent factors that contributed to low self-esteem was lack of money. It is true that money doesn’t make you happy but lack of money does; and if you know how to draw in prosperity, then everything else in your life is just that little bit easier.

Abundance of the Mind Must Be Maintained – Use It or Lose It

I feel strongly that there is only abundance in the world. There is plenty of everything and there is no lack. There can be lack of certain things because of shortages.

Your Mindset, Money, and Making a Difference – Escaping the Poverty Mindset Trap!

Is your mindset about money helping you or hindering you? The way you think about money has a huge impact on your ability to help others. If you had more money how could it help you live big, and give bigger?

3 Critical Mistakes You Are Making That Is Killing Your Rate of Success

So many are trying to find out what the key to success is. When I speak of success, I am speaking of money, health, spirituality, etc. Whatever success means to YOU because this is about you.

The Law of Attraction – Wrong Information Is Harmful

Most of the things we hear from the media is almost always bad news. They tell of war, famine, mishaps, and other negative things. You can avoid this by turning off your television. Instead of watching the evening news, go watch or read something that will inspire you, or that will add to your well-being.

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