DISCIPLINE or REGRET? (Best Self Discipline Motivational Speech)

Achieving a Supernatural Abundance Mentality

When you decide that you have had enough of limitations, is the day you break free from restrictions you have unwittingly placed on yourself. This article explains what you must do to be free from scarcity or victim mentality to enter into a state of super natural abundance.

Real Discoveries of the Secrets to Success in Life – What Is It, and How Can YOU Get It?

As I’ve watched my daughter grow, I’m now realizing that she has discovered the “secrets to success in life” at an early age… because now, at the age of 28, she’s living the life of her dreams and making a full time MONTHLY income of $30,000-$50,000. This is the story about her life, and as I see it, the real “secrets to success in life”…

To Charge or Not to Charge for My Inner Gifts? Here’s My Answer, Enjoy!

It’s a big decision when to charge for your products and services especially if you are just starting out. If you’ve been offering your products or services for free and wonder how best to start receiving a fair and equal exchange here’s how!

How to Put the Power of Attraction Into Action: The Three-Phase Technique

Having been a blogger for a few years now, I’m recently coming to see how easily you can put the power of the law of attraction by making these three simple commitments to yourself… Some people think that the power of attraction actually has to do with wishing, focusing, thinking or praying – and the “thing” you so desire will appear.

Are You Getting Too Caught Up?

Are you getting too worked up about even the smallest things? Do you feel bogged down with worry and concern?

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