DAVID AND GOLIATH – The Most Powerful Motivational Speech of 2020 (Ft. Marcus Taylor)

Affirmations – More Than Just Statements That Make You Feel Good

It really is true that what you say does shape your world – it is just the way that the universe was fashioned by God the Creator. Consider what I am about to say and recognize the power of the spoken word!

Have You Ever Thought Why Am I Here?

Have you ever at any point in your life asked yourself the question, why am I here? We are all here for a purpose and that is I believe to become the very best version of our self in every aspect of our life.

The Possibilities Are Limitless

Because we come from One, we have limitless possibilities. The potentialities of your life are endless. But you must be the one to find them.

What Is Residual Income? Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

The question, “What is residual income” is often asked by people unfamiliar with network marketing. Residual income is money that continues to come in after you quit working. For example royalty income from publishing books or music is one form of residual income. There is another path to residual income. One of the distinct benefits of network marketing is the possibility of establishing a residual income stream. Since you are going to work hard anyhow, why not work hard at creating your ideal lifestyle that you want to achieve at a young enough age to enjoy it. You have that choice!

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Business classes and self-help books both offer steps for how to attract money into your life. The first teach revenue goals and action plans. The second may add positive vibrations, affirmations and visualization boards. But both share some essential truths. If you want to attract money, you have to know what you want, intend to go after it, and believe that your efforts will be successful. You have to get out of your comfort zone. You need to be thankful. And you have to do the work.

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