CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS – Best Motivational Speech

How Much Do You Understand the Law of Attraction?

By thinking your way to your destiny, you are creating it. And also, for one to properly use the Law of Attraction, understanding its key principles is a must. Let me show you a simple explanation of these principles.

Set Your Goals and Attract Wealth

We are all born with the gift to decide to have what we want in life. Setting your goals straight will help you make the process faster and easier.

Manifestation Secrets: What They Didn’t Tell You

Although we’re trained to perk up and take notice of experts, we can all think, learn, grow our intelligence, and offer wisdom to the world. One of the areas we can apply our inner resources is manifestation. There’s a five-fold formula for success that will make complete sense to you. You’ve always known this truth, and once you refocus upon it, you’ll realign with the inner meaning.

Forgiveness – Does It Really Pay to Let It Go?

Yeah, you’re mad and getting madder. But does it really pay in the long run- all that anger? Not really…

How Do I Quickly Increase My Self Worth and Successfully Negotiate a Raise?

Do you find that when it comes to negotiating for yourself, you feel like you’re asking too much and you worry that people will complain or question you? The irony is, if you were negotiating on behalf of someone else, would you fight for them and come out of the negotiation with more than expected?

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