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Should I Follow My Heart or Make Money?

You need money to pay the bills, to buy clothes, food and more. While you need money there is a big difference in making money doing something you love or something purely for it making money. After a while it becomes a decision point that you must make, especially when your future at a business is no longer guaranteed.

Self Improvement – A Start for Baby Boomers

Where are you in life? Are you a baby boomer, just over 50 or maybe just retired? Will you have more in the next few months and years?

Self Improvement In Simple Steps

There have been many great developments over the last few years in the area of the Law of Attraction including the works by one of a global known name in Life Success Coaching and Consultancy, Bob Proctor, who set the way and made it clear how great and powerful the human mind is and its great central responsibility in determining ones destiny. Having appeared as a speaker and host of “The Secret” and having set up a global network of consultants who share and teach others these same fundamentals and principles he talks about in his works. You can rest assured of the quality and relevance of the material no matter what ever background you come from.

“Impossible” Dreams and the Power of Belief

We all know that there is repeated evidence with no contrary evidence that ice cannot stay in that form when exposed to certain temperatures, but what does that do for me besides remind me of scientific limits (space, time, physics, etc.) We use a scientific analogy in a non-scientific context. Are the metaphors we use indicative of a dismissive spirit?

Law Of Attraction Concept

If there is one thing that is a true treasure of advice in terms of tips of how to gain abundance in life, it will be the law of Attraction. Its concept will enable you to gain happiness, physical well-being and wealth if you learn and apply the few basic steps properly. It can be used in all areas apart from the listed few above. Here in this article you will find a few insights and means to how you may apply it to your every day life.

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