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The “Emotional Efficiency” of Doing Vs Having

Recent research regarding money and happiness, and in particular spending money and happiness has researchers exploring something called “emotional efficiency.” This is the emotional ROI (return on investment) of spending.

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale talks about how the desire for more money will automatically activate you inner potential and start helping you to attract those energies right away. You’ll begin noticing more ways to make money and start discovering wonderful things about yourself that you may have never knew.

Deliberately Choose Your Focus

It has been said that what you focus on expands. This is very true, yet there is one critical element to focus – it is your choice what you focus on. You can consciously choose to focus on those things that do not serve you and do not add value to your life.

5 Most Ignored Secrets on The Power of Your Mind: How To Take Control of It To Become Successful

What do you want? Do you want more money? Then develop an awareness of money. Do you want more happiness? Develop an awareness of happiness. Do you want more health? Develop an awareness of health.

Spiritual Empowerment Dissolves Your Inner Bully – Your Number 1 Hidden Money Leak!

Spirituality can be associated with particular religions and ceremonies, but I am referring to one’s spirituality in a different way. Experiencing true spirituality means that our consciousness is awakened to the truth. This awakening enables us to see and accept ourselves as we are. We then see and embrace who we can become, our greatest version of who we are, the spiritual reality of who we are.

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