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What Is a Typical Day Like For a Millionaire?

The typical day for a millionaire is like the typical day for those who have to go to and from a job that is working for another person. The only different is that the millionaire isn’t going into a job at all every day, unless that day he has chosen to take a meeting or two, because it comes down to one thing for the millionaire: choice.

How To Overcome Your Weakness!

Today I would like to start out by talking about what weakness is exactly. A Lack of passion for that area of your life you fear to do or to try to do well. Building blocks to something greater. You need to overcome your weakness and turn them into your strengths.

Leave Behind an Inheritance That Makes a Real Difference

A man is recognized by the legacy he leaves behind. What matters is what you accumulate during your lifetime and leave behind for the future generations. Think about what you want to leave behind as an inheritance for your children.

Fine Tuning the Law of Attraction

We are all waiting for someone to come whisk us away from this life of daily drudgery. To a place of long awaited dreams, instant riches and uncharted adventure. We keep telling ourselves someday it’s going to happen, we are going to “make it.

Making a Decision With the Input of the Universe

When you make a major life decision or look for the right path to follow, where do you turn to for direction? Do you simply listen to your own voice, or do you look for input from a source outside of yourself…from the Universe?

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