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What Is Karma – Karma Is the Monetary System of the Afterlife

You collect up good karma in your life and then your spirit spends it to manifest what you want and what need. Many people attempt to manifest abundance into their lives but they often have an insufficient karma balance in their Akashic account to buy actually it. Karma acquisition is a complicated process. Let me help you to understand it better.

Writing on Purpose

Do you ever wonder how to achieve your goals in a more timely manner. Well, you might consider writing on purpose. This means to have a deliberate and conscious action to say what it is that you want and allow it to manifest. I am a writer so it makes sense to use my writing abilities to hone this message but you can substitute the word writing with anything that fits your talent or skill. The notion of chance doesn’t apply here so you are reading this on purpose and the next step is up to you.

Do You Have An Entitlement Mentality?

If you were to ask most Christians whether they have an entitlement attitude, they would answer with an adamant “no”! But, what they say and what they really believe may be not be the same. Think about what entitlement is. The definition according to The Free Dictionary by Farlex is: a right to benefits.

Living Too Close To The Bone

In the western world, most of us choose to live close to the bone. Note that I stress “choose.” There is a simple solution. So simple, in fact, that it seems to be unacceptable for a lot of us. Want less. Need less. Spend less. Save a little. But, more importantly and more universally, keep a reserve of “want.” Don’t indulge every desire, and don’t convert “wants” to “needs” in order to justify acquisition.

Did You Know Your Desires Have a Secret You MUST Know?

Have you ever considered that your desires are gifts from the Universe? They are meant to inspire you to release and surrender your survival personality and to embrace the power and freedom of who you really are? I refer to this as ‘Desire Intelligence.’

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