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5 Surefire Way for Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting abundance is a way of life. True abundance comes from inside you. To live in abundance, we start with becoming abundant in the area of our choosing.

Rhythmic Breathing – A Tool For Accumulating A Large Amount of Life Energy To Speed Up Manifestation

Rhythmic breathing has been presented as a tool for gathering Life force. This is for the purposes of speeding up manifestation of prayer.

How Do You Breath?

This article prompts the reader to reflect on his method of breathing and compare it to the optimum. Nose breathing and Mouth breathing have been compared and related ills highlighted. A Practice task has been provided as a corrective measure.

Shift Beliefs From Survival To Thrival

Thriving is the result of seeing past the what is, the illusion or projection of what you’ve already thought, felt, done, believed into form. Thriving results when you release everything that you are not and stand fully in Consciousness as Consciousness in form.

Reconciling the Masculine: How Working with the Divine Feminine Increases Prosperity

Today’s women increasingly question the old patriarchal models oriented around the masculine and are actively working with the archetype of the prosperous Priestess. When women set the intention, individually or collectively, for their inner feminine and masculine to increase creative capacity, co-creative ability, and prosperity, then potent results are certain to follow.

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