Best David Goggins MOTIVATION (5 HOURS of Pure INSPIRATION!)

The Power of Manifesting? I Have a 2Ft Fish That Watches Me in the Shower

His name is Big Lips and his small little white shimmering girlfriend is called Angel Ayu. These are 5 of the fish that live in a 10m long aquarium in the palace where I now live. This place is more amazing than I could have imagined – but I did!

Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays and Soar in 2014 – Money!

Holidays can be stressful – and they don’t have to be. Here are some tips to thrive through the holidays, even when it comes to money!

Can I Really Use the Universal Laws to Create the Life of My Dreams?

This article discusses the purpose of certain universal laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance. The author offers his view on the use of these powerful forces as vehicles for personal gain.

Isn’t It Time to Forgive and Move On?

All of us have some unpleasant memories. All of us remember things that would be better forgotten. It’s time to move on.

Thanksgiving: Some Assembly Required

I try to think thoughts of thanksgiving, but am constantly bombarded on all fronts by the urgency of getting Thanksgiving behind us and embracing Black Friday which threatens to overtake our society. Buy, buy, buy! Heading for New York might not seem a good way to avoid commercialism but that is my destination. Amid the bustle are oases of peace and reflection, although it takes determination to find them other than in gatherings of those who care about each other.

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