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Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy If You’re Asking “I Want to Be Rich But How”

How can you be rich and happy with little or no effort? That’s the question – “I want to be rich but how”, is what most people want answered, and they want it answered now! The thing is, first you need to determine, “what is rich?” Here are the 6 critical human needs to be rich and happy, but most of us never attain needs 5 & 6. So where you you in this personal quiz to be rich and happy?

If You Want Things in Your Life to Change, Change the Things in Your Life

Feeling abundant attracts abundance much like feeling limited attracts limitation. People think a feeling of abundance will only be warranted only once they get something that will make them feel this way, like more money, a better relationships, success in business or their career, good grades at school. Once these desires have been achieved, they tell themselves, only then will the feel abundant.

The Pink Slip

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes. You’re sitting at your desk and the boss calls you into his office for a meeting, he doesn’t look happy. You can feel the color drain from you face.

How to Stop Waking Up at 3:00am Worrying About Not Having Enough

What if you could cut the strings to your fight/flight, self-protecting survival habits that are not serving you? Actually, these habit patterns are repelling your prosperity and abundance, your peace and harmony with others, and your health and well-being.

Be First to Get Paid

Article explains why paying yourself first is important and how to make it more effective. To pay yourself first improves your confidence and self esteem. Once you see your savings go up, your mood goes up too.

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