Be Grateful for 2020

50 Secrets of Prosperity

What’s the secret to creating true prosperity and abundance in your life? Well actually there are 50. Or at least that’s how many I came up with when I sat down and gave it some serious thought.

Poverty Sucks and Wealth Is Your Birth Right

This is the type of subject that can really gets emotions flared up, but hey if you are living in some form of poverty you are going to have to get flared up and extremely purposeful to get out of it. It doesn’t make any sense complaining about it before you have at least tried to accumulate wealth. I’m not talking to those who are very vulnerable and under age; no I’m talking to those persons who feels that accumulating any type of wealth is just completely out of your control.

Raise Your Hand If You Want To Be A Millionaire

Raise your hand if you want to be a millionaire. What if that question was put to you? For most of us our hands would go up straight away. Some would never put their hands up, perhaps feeling that having lots of money is not good for anyone; maybe they’ve been told that people that have money are greedy, selfish and just all around bad people. There will also be those individuals that feel it would be nice to have, but don’t think they can ever have it so don’t put their hands up.

Ether Power

Ether power, what is it? Glad you asked and have a sense of curiosity to learn more about life. Listen to this audio, where I explain more about Ether Power.

A Native American Teaching on How to Pray for Money

Native American elder Bear Heart taught me how to pray for money — or, more accurately, how to make your living doing what you love. It’s simple — and it works!

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