April 26 Weekly Highlight video

At The Ready

“At the ready” is a point of view that I love to embrace to the fullest. It means that in our house, if you need a pencil, a knife, a piece of paper, or a light – no matter what you need at any moment, my intent is to have provided it where you would expect it to be. No need to search for it. You can expect that it is “at the ready.”

That There May Be Equality

For the winter, I stuck a branch into the umbrella holder and hung the suet feeder from it so that it is only a foot from my office door. This makes it easy to change the suet.

Living A Life of Wealth Using The Law of Attraction For Money

We all have this need for money to the point that we get obsessed with it. The Law of Attraction for money works beyond our desire for money, but also works efficiently on our ultimate goal which is to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Be Thankful! You’ve Already Arrived

For some time as a small business owner and earlier as a solo professional I often struggled with the belief that I didn’t have enough-money, clients, opportunities, time, fun, and peace of mind. I discovered I do. So do you.

Becoming Rich

Are you sick of a constant struggle? Never got enough money? There is a way to improve your life and achieve what you believe in, it just depends if you really want it.

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