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What Are Your Thoughts About Money?

If you are like most of us, you have been exposed to negative talk about money since you were a child. You heard things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, what do you think I am “Rockerfella” and many more as listed below. All this negative talk about money has created a resistance within you toward money. It is now time to change your relationship with money and only use positive self-talk about money and mostly train your brain to think only positive thoughts about you and your money.

7 Keys to Building Your Dream Coaching Business

If you are a coach dedicated to growing your business. These 7 keys can inspire you for coaching business success.

Why Do We Manifest Lack?

If we live in an abundant universe, and money is just energy, and we are Source and therefore have access to all the resources of Source… then why do we still experience lack? If the key to running a successful business is to have structures, marketing tools, connections to Social Media, a list, and making offers, why do we do all of that and STILL experience lack?

What’s The INTENTION For Your Home Based Internet Business?

If generating leads is the main way you build your Home Based Internet Business, then you must have absolute clarity with the specific INTENTIONS for your business. To determine the ACTIONS to take that will help you achieve the goals leading to your destination with your home based internet business, you must know and understand your intention with complete clarity.

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chapter 3, Faith, Belief of Attainment of Desires

We bargain with life every moment. Have you bargained for poverty or riches? Faith emotions will communicate what you want from life to your subconscious.

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