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Seven Questions to Ask Your Money

If you are not feeling particularly fulfilled in your relationship with money, it’s time for you to see if you have run into some fear of intimacy issues in that area of your life. When I practiced as a couple’s therapist, one of the most classic dances I witnessed was the push-pull or pursuer-distancer dynamic between two people. Each person was wired in such a way, for reasons of both nature and nurture, to be either a pursuer or distancer.

Creating Wealth Is Not Rocket Science

For people who had been out of the loop for sometime, the term ‘creating wealth’ sounds like a new term. In fact, it might not even mean something useful to them. Yet, experts and other money gurus (including famous self-help teachers) all agree that wealth can be created.

The Law of Vibration

I had an interesting experience while I was listening to the radio. I heard a song I’d never heard before. It told of a man who was faced with dying.

Learn to Turn Both Negative and Positive Events Into Success

It is not possible or even desirable to live a one sided life, where everything just goes smoothly, without any challenge. The early Chinese cultures recognised that it was impossible to experience anything from only one perspective, many thousands of years ago and introduced the concept of Yin and Yang to help people understand and utilise this concept to their advantage. If we lived only one sided, positive lives as depicted in a popular movie a few years ago, there would be little incentive to expand and grow. It is very often the very challenges that cross our paths that highlight new possibility or force us to stretch ourselves onto new planes of development and growth.

The Secret To Manifesting More Money

I remember when I first learned about the Law of Attraction I thought all my Christmases had come at once. I immediately focused on manifesting money into my life and I really believed I had found the answer to all my prayers. After almost six months of trying to manifest money nothing had changed and I was starting to lose faith. I was beginning to think that the Law of Attraction was just over-hyped pulp fiction!

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