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How Letting Go Will Make You Totally Free

In the complete freedom from negativity, there lays the ultimate happiness. Once all negativity is let go, there can’t be anything else but bless, abundance, happiness, health, love and joy.

Money Is Looking for You

Imagine that the money you’ve been wanting is like a long-lost lover. There’s an emotional connection between you.

The Harder I Work The Luckier In Good Ways I Am, Or The Nonexistence Of Bad Luck

Strong thought combined with strong emotion attract, not create a cause and effect of “good luck” and strong thought and strong emotion used wrongly attract “bad luck”. With that said outright, I will indeed take the rest of this article to explain my position on this reality. As Ralph Emerson said, we are what we think we are all day long. This is definitely real of luck. Luck is a viewpoint really, not an actual “condition”.

Message From the Universe: Money Isn’t Happiness!

Money isn’t everything and many successful people will tell you the same. You can be have all the money in the world and no one to share it with. When you depart from earth, you won’t bring anything with you. You will leave Earth the same way you entered it. It is important to enjoy every moment you have on earth, either rich or poor. Not saying that having money is a curse, but always remember what you do with the money you have. I know some that are just getting by but extremely happy. Others are extremely wealthy but so unhappy and lonely. With lots of money comes great responsibilities, such as fake friends, people who are after you just for your money. Money pays the bills, but won’t pay for your happiness.

Are You Doing Great in Life? If Not, Read This

Approximately half the people on the planet are chronically below average-i.e. below average income, average debt of $15,000, average relationships and mediocre life satisfaction and health. Average is mundane and discouraging. And then, people are desperate and compelled to take anti-depressants to cope.

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