5 HABITS for a Happy and Lasting RELATIONSHIP!

The Path to Equality

Our Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. What does that mean?

Patience Has No Place in Manifesting

Manifesting our desires is a matter of alignment, not patience. And aligning to our desires doesn’t take patience either. Aligning to our intention manifested is a result of shifting our energetic state of being.

A Journey Along the Jordan River

What would happen if the “Woman was changed to water”, and the “Man became a “TREE”, could life on earth be restored this way? For thousand of years the American public has been mislead in everything they do on earth, from paying to many taxes. To owning their own homes, how long must we live this way in life.

The Power Of Opportunity

“I wish an opportunity would fall right in my lap.” “I’m waiting for opportunity to knock.” “When is a good opportunity going to come my way.” How often have you heard these phrases? How often have you said them to yourself? Instead of wondering when opportunity is going to come your way, perhaps you should focus more on Would You Recognize It! The fact is the power of opportunity comes your way more times than you know, the problem is you fail to know it…

How to Feel More Gratitude

When life is hectic, you may know it is important to feel gratitude, but you’re so busy you just forget. And how can you feel more gratitude if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? Well, you are alive, you are thinking about gratitude, and that’s a start.

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