3 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You THAT HE NEVER DID

How Gratitude Gets Your Hopes Up!

The wall color and hand me down furniture in my home symbolized the control and influence I allowed others to have on my environment. I felt locked in to live by other peoples values and decisions. When I made some different personal choices and simple changes, I began to experience the power of positive change.

Protect Your Assets – Think Like A Capitalist!

The simple fact is that lending is a function of capitalistic markets; the lending process is created, legislated, and serviced by money traders. Financial institutions lend money to make money, period.

Abundance And Prosperity Is Yours For The Taking

All of the abundance and prosperity you have ever dared dream of is yours to have if you want it. If you feel you do not have enough in your life it is only a result of what you have been commanding of the universe through the law of attraction. Want to manifest more money? Then start feeling GOOD about money!

Move From Comparing To Succeeding

Comparing ourselves to other people – we’ve all done it at some point. Here’s a process to help you move out of comparisons and the downward spiral, and into self-empowerment plus greater success!

Attract Money Now Using These 7 Simple Strategies

Would you like to attract money now? You can do it today using the law of attraction. This is a cosmic law that brings whatever you truly desire to you. You can use this powerful law by asking the Universe with an open heart. Here are 7 simple strategies to help you make it happen.

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