10 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Speech 2021

Having an Attitude of Gratitude for Your Life

Let’s face it, us humans have a lot to be grateful for in our lives. Gratitude gives us an amazing shift from what is not working to focusing on what is already great in our lives.

Freedom – 3 Pillars to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Three essential pillars for developing a solid foundation for a life of true freedom. If you’ve ever dreamed of living a life completely on your terms, then this is the place to start.

1-1-11 – A Significant Start to a Powerful New Year!

1 January 2011 is 1-1-11 – The energetic year of Oneness. in numerology, one indicates a new beginning and eleven indicates mastery which all adds up to this year being a new beginning on a much higher energetic level for ALL of us.

Law of Attraction – How to Allow Your Creation to Manifest

If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction you’ve heard of the term, “allowing.” It basically is the art of allowing your creation to manifest without you toiling to make it happen. In a world where we are taught that action creates, it is hard for a lot of us to just allow anything, let alone something we really want.

If It Seems Too Good Too Be True, Proceed With Extreme Caution!

Beware and ever vigilant of the endless scams and schemes that are ingeniously designed to separate you and your money. This article is an example of some classic beauties.

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